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Whole-Food Supplements

What is it and how will it help me?

We are proud to offer whole-food dietary supplements formulated by the Standard Process company. These products support your body with concentrated nutrients from real food sources. Did you know that nearly a third of the United States population is at risk of nutritional deficiency? [1] While a varied diet is the best way to acquire your vitamins and minerals, supplementation can help to fill in the gaps!

Who is this for, anyway?

For our patients seeking pain relief, our high quality supplements provide the support your body needs to heal. For those trying to attain the highest level of health, complete our systems survey to determine where your diet might be lacking! We encourage all of our patients to consider how their diet may be effecting their health, and what steps they can take to support their health and wellness in the long term.

In addition, Dr. Nichole also utilizes Contact Reflex Analysis, a clinical muscle testing system based on techniques developed by Dr. Richard Versendaal. This technique provides a great amount of information about the body's energy, and its various organs, glands and systems, without needing invasive or expensive testing. 

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